Friday, December 19, 2008

Bath time

Cohen has been loving his bath time:) He loves to suck all of the water out of the bath cloths! kinda gross, but boosting him immunity right! Its so nice that he can sit and play but now he tries to reach for his distant toys and takes a face dive into the water:) giving him a bath is always mt favorite part of the day.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Spider Monkey:)

OK so I am not sure how to get rid of the underlying but Oh well:)
Now for my comments on Twilight......
Funny, Funny, Funny:) I know it was not meant to be funny but we could not stop laughing, although this was provoked by my sister Carol! I promised my sister in-law Becky that I would give it another chance, but for now I am sticking to the book, much much better!
The movie wasnt perfect but the night was, I got to go out to lunch with some of my favorite girls, who cares about low budget movies when you get to watch them with sister's:)

Probably the best part was the food, we ate at the cheesecake factory and it was so yummy!

Thanksgiving 2008

Thanksgiving was so fun this year, we had it at my sister Aimee's and it was sooooo dilicious, Cohen even enjoyed his own things of baby sweet potatoes:)

This is a pictuere of Aimee's youngest boy named Andrew, he is so funny and I just love this picture, he is trying so hard to hold still and smile

Cohen and Jay skipped out on helping and Cohen enjoyed a back scratch from his daddy. Cohen better back off, jay is my personal massuse!

All The siblings minus Rachelle in Montana. We wish she was here!
It is so fun when we are all together and we get to pig out:)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

School is out:)

I just walked in the door from taking my final and I started to scream halalua in my house! The feeling of having a LONG break and only ONE more semester to go just puts the biggest smile on my face, I am sure your wondering why this post includes nothing about Cohen but I am really behind and I will catch up this week:) We are leaving for Aspen Colorado tommorow, no not to spend tons of money (we dont have) in the beautful place, but for Jay to do some tile in a spa up there, I will have plenty of time to update my blog with pictures and stories about my little guy! So stay tuned..

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Miracles happen...

I love these kids, they are all so cute and they are so good to Cohen

Well a couple weeks ago my sister Rachelle was here with her sweet new baby Kallin who was only 17 days old. They are from Montana and they came here for Kallin to undergo heart surgery at Primary Children's Hospital for what they thought to be a rare heart condition with his coronary artery. I know between family and friends Kallin was in all of our prayers. Like mine I am sure most prayers were seeking good health and a successful recovery for little Kallin. Once the doctors performed the open heart surgery they discovered that the surgery was not needed after all. I am sure the initial reaction is anger and frustration, these feelings made me uneasy for some reason. I got to thinking about how much we all pleaded with with our Father in heaven that Kallin would be healthy and strong and be able to handle such an invasive surgery. I then realized how easy it was to forget the miracle that took place, although the doctors say the surgery was unnecessary I like to believe that a miracle has occurred and our prayers for a healthy Kallin have been answered. Kallin was released from the hospital to return home with his family five days after surgery. He did so well, he even gained weight while in the hospital:) We are so blessed to have a Father in heaven who can hear our prayers and create miracles right before our eyes even if it takes a while to recognize them. Although the circumstances were not ideal, I am so happy I got to see my new handsome nephew, his parents, and my adorable nieces. We don't get to see them very often and we definitely love it when they are here:) I don't have any photos of Kallin or my sister, but here is all of the nieces and nephews hanging out one night (except the sweet little Kallin) We miss you and hope to see you again soon.

Happy Thanksgiving :)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Better late than never...Right???

Happy Halloween (one month later:) )

Halloween was so fun this year! We went to the best party of all time thrown by the Clyde's, thanks guys (won the costume contest by the way). The party was the week before halloween, my mom came down to watch cohen so we could go to the party. Thanks mom! The actuall night of halloween was not to fun, I went to clinicals but Jay dressed Cohen up and brought him to the hospital to visit me, every one loved him so that was the highlight of my night. Jay and Cohen handed out candy to the kiddies at home and shared the rest of the evening together:) I cant wait until next year when I can actully take him trick or treating and use him as an excuse to load up on some candy:)


Richard Simmons and his number one fan PLUS the CUTEST ninja you have ever seen!

If your wondering why his legs look so sleek, yes he is wearing Womans tights:)
And dont be jealous of my bangs, I know you think I am hot

Who wouldnt want to be kicked by this little ninja, this was the best five dollars I have spent all year!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Please forgive me:)

We have been BUSY:)
Cohen is almost six months old and he is getting cuter (hard to beleive) and funnier every day.
He had is 4 month appt a little while ago and the results are sad:) he was in the 1% for his weight, WHAT??? Do those cheeks look like 1% to you?? Anyway the doc said it was ok because he has reflux and he is super active, so my chances of making him chubby are slim:( But... He did order me to start giving him rice cereal once a day with squash. YUM. So I started that and I even give him some formula after I BF him but the more I give him the more he barfs, so oh well I will just have to love my little anerexic anyway! He still loves to stand, roll EVERYWHERE, try to sit on his own, scoot, and smile alot:) I cant beleive we waited for him for almost four years, he just makes us so happy that we cant imgaine anything greater. The last couple nights I have asked jay if I could go pull him out of bed (already sleeping) and sleep with him, he always says no, but i just feel like he is getting to big to fast and I want to have him next to me always:) Well thats enough info so enjoy the best part, lots of PICTURES:)
Daddy showing him his first snow fall

We were studying on our bed and kept hearing this thump noise so we looked over to the botton of the bed and there was Cohen almost underneath our bed, he kept kicking the bottom. LOL

This was his first trip to VEGAS, we pulled over in St. george and let him stand for a minute (his favorite thing to do since he was born)

The sad thing about this pic is right after I took the pic he fell back flat on his head. jay was not to happy with me.

I am still confused about the blue eyes
Once every 6 months or so we go get some exercise and I walk him around in the stroller:)

THE BUMBO is my new favorite, he loves to watch me in the kitchen

The sound of me running water made him sleepy

Last night we were about to go to sleep and Jay said "I am going to go check on Cohen" well he had tried to escape but got caught, he wasnt sleeping or crying, just hangin out. I know I should have bought his bedding earlier but all boy bedding is so ugly and I could never decide but I promised Jay I would order some ASAP so he dosent do this again:) I orderd it tonight!

Like father like son, jay loves the internet and so does Cohen

he loves to be on his side, he sleeps on his side and apparently he shops in his stroller on his side also:)
So this was the first attempt at cereal, this was a little while ago. Now he is a pro and he loves it, I cant shovel it in fast enough, he starts to get mad and shake if I take too long.
hope you enjoyed!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

How did it happen??

I got to thinking today about how lucky we are. Jason and I havent had to many rough roads to travel since we have been married:) I cant stop thinking about how blessed we are to have the family and friends that we do. Here is a summarized list of all the things that have been crossing my mind lately...


-I dont know if I call my sis Aimee more or my husband on the phone!!!! No offense to my sister Carol, she is fabulous, but she tends to be cooler than Aimee and I, and has better things to do than talk about nothing 5 times a day:) Maybe we should take her example and be more productive! I love my Sisters.
I am lucky enough to have awesome sister-in-law's as well. Melissa, Benton's beautiful wife and his better half, is one of the funniest people i know, I dont even think she realizes how funny she is. Its not that she tells good jokes or anything, but she always is giggling at everything which makes me giggle:) And she takes care of Benton (not an easy task!)
Becky, Justins beautiful wife and his better half, makes the thought of one day living in Vegas bearable, I love this girl! The boys dont realize how lucky they are to have wifes who love to be together:) she is so nice, pretty (words from jay's mouth), TALENTED, and fun to be with.

Great friends is what we have! New or old we seem to find the greatest people to be friends with, I dont want to mention any names, due to the fact i might forget one or two and that would be sad.
When I found out i was having Cohen everyone would say "how are you going to continue school" well for some reason the thought of quiting was never an option for me, I know that the worry would have come if it wasnt for all are great friends offering support to help with Cohen. Thank you!

I dont like to brag about Jay to much cause I know it tends to cause problems in other's relationship's! Jay always tells me to stop saying nice things he does for me when we are around other couples cause he said it makes him feel akward, but to bad i cant help it. I mean if you have the greatest husband then why not SHOUT it from the roof tops! I know that some seem to think I whip him or demand nice things from him, sorry to say but he came this way:) I am not deserving of such an awesome person to be with. I know that people choose to be the husband and father that they are but I also know that it helps to have a great example! Jay has the sweetest Dad, and I know he learned alot about how to treat me from watching his Dad love his mom, I only hope Cohen's wife will be as lucky as me some day because he watched the way his Daddy treats me. Love you babe.

So how did it happen? I have an idea that my Heavenly Father was the one in charge, but to give me all of these great things, I am not sure why.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Me and my handsome devil:)

Ok so here are the pics we took in Vegas, Becky is amazing, there are a ton but i couldnt leave any out cause they are all so freakin cute. ENJOY:)

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Vegas trip

We left for Vegas friday in the wee hours of the morning, its the last weekend we will have to go anywhere in a long time, so we spent it with the fam in Vegas. I had these ideas in my head of all the fun things we could do and we didnt do one of them. You would think I would be sad by this but i am thrilled because Becky and I spent 98% of our trip taking photos of me and Cohen:) She is such an amazing photographer and she captures the cutest faces of my little handsome devil. Thanks to Jason and Justin who practically took care of the kids and everything else while we sat in the same spot for hours editing, taking more, editing, taking more, editing, taking more, and so on, she even did the fabulous header your looking at with some of the new pics. I will post more pictures as soon as I get them from her:) We really did have so much fun and it was so nice to get away, this was Cohen's first trip to Grandma and Granpda Earl's and he loved it. We will be back as soon as possible:) and I hate to be the bearer of bad news boys... BUT... we will be taking pictures again! LOVE YA BECK! Thanks again, your amazing:)

Saturday, August 30, 2008

First day of school:)

The night before.....
Well Cohen hadnt gone #2 for about four days! I was not about to leave him with Whitney for the first time constipated and cranky, so Jay drove us to albertsons to purchase his first suppository, right before we gave it to him I told him I was sorry about this and that I still loved him:) The look on his face was priceless, it looks like he really knew what was coming his way, not a very happy boy! He looks extrememly worried.

The morning of...
Well it started off good, we got up early and we got ready, I had to pack him a sitter bag with more than he needed of course. We headed to Whitney's where he would surely be loved:) She told me not to be sad about ten times before I left, but I called Jay once I was in the car to shed a few tears and get more comfort from him:) Whitney is a fabulous mom and I totally trust her, I was just sad to leave him. I called twice during my breaks at school. Sometime around eleven Cohen decided it was time to eat, well I had brought her some formula and some BM in case he refused the formula, I thought forsure I was covered. NOPE. The little stinker denied both! I couldnt beleive it, he had taken it form me in a bottle, why not Whitney, shouldnt that be easier for him??? Well good thing we were let out at 11:30 (an hour and a half early). I rushed to Whitneys so I could try and force him to take this BM, I was not about to waist 3 oz of that stuff! Sure enough he took it from me right away, he is such a SPOILED BUG!
I have until nest Thursday to get him better trained. Wish me luck:)

Thanks again Whitney, you are such a great friend, I promise he will be better behaved next time:)

Mirror Lake

It was the last camping trip of the summer and we had a fabulous time:)
We left on Friday with the Romney's and met up with the Bluths Saturday morning. Max rented a canoe for fishing and we took Jay's aunts 4-wheelers and bikes (Jays favorite part)
We had yummy food and definetly enjoyed our time there.

4-Wheelers are the secret for putting kids to sleep:)

Max, Becca, Addie, and the unknown baby girl

Jason was obsessed, one day you will get your own sweety!

Look its my twin with blue eyes!

Cohen in the morning wearing his new PJ's too cute!

Alec, Michelle, Dillon

Whomever thinks camping is just too difficult with a child, dont complain! Trevor and Michelle never miss a good time and they have twins:)

In the canoe on Mirror Lake

Dillon loves this more than the older boys, you literally have to pry his hands off when we are done, you would think he would get tired and let go after riding over bumping roads but he just keeps this serious face and never moves a finger!