Friday, July 31, 2009

5 years of love baby.....

Happy Anniversary to us:)
I cant beleive it has been five years ago yesterday that I married this man. We have done so much these last five years. Lived in another country together, moved 1000 times, bought our first house, had 1.9 of the cutest boys you have ever seen, cried, laughed, and fell more in love everyday. I know that is cheesy but I really do love him more and more everyday. I cant imagine an individual who treats there wife, children, and everyone else for that matter better than this boy Jason Earl. He is truly ONE OF A KIND. Six years ago I was so unsure about him, maybe I just thought he was to good to be true, I think so. What you dont want to fight with me, you arent going to make me cry???? WHY NOT, thats what makes girls love boys:) Sure I was immature and unaware of what I really wanted or needed for that matter, but lucky for me I decided it was ok:) Now I just might be the luckiest girl alive to have him all to myself. He is the ultilmate example of a LOVING SON, HUSBAND, and FATHER.
Of course I get annoyed at times, but I cant tell you what about because the things that annoy me are so trivial that I will just make myself look completely ridiculous:) OK so I will just name a few. Sometimes he forgets to water the plant that is hard to get to when you are fat and prego, he forgets to close the shower curtain when he is done, he comes home later than I wanted him to from work, he says yes to people who ask for his help in church when I want to go home and take a nap, he wants to do every career you can think of and has taken classes for about each of them as well:) He always gets the couches dusty when he comes home from work and wrestles Cohen before he changes his clothes, which I quickly wipe down with clorox wipes. When I am super annoyed he makes me hug him, and makes me pretend like I like it, SUPER BUGGY. Has about ten books in the bathroom and on his night stand that he is pretending to read. Oh ya and the best one, sometimes when he scratches my back (which is every night, seriously) he is too tired to do a good job and he just falls asleep, but he does say "sorry baby I'am just so tired."
SOOOO these are really my complaints, lame I know. Dont think less of me, just remember that I am married to the most amazing man and I everytime I say my prayers I am certain to let my Heavenly Father know how thankful I am that I crossed paths With Jason Aaron Earl, and he happened to fall in love with me:)
I love you babe, you are my best friend.
He took me to dinner at the roof, when we got to our table there were those beautiful roses you see behind my swollen backside:) So tricky.
After dinner we went and walked the temple grounds, breath taking as usual. Except for all the stares my large stomach was getting, and the man that yelled out from too far of a distance "So when are you due?" Hello, who are you and can you wait until we get closer so I dont have to yell back for everyone to hear:)

The dessert Buffet:) These were my choices from about 25 desserts, I was already so full and I didnt think I could even swallow. I felt kinda bad knowing I was just going to take a bite of each and waste the rest, Jay mentioned for the price you pay to eat there they should send you home with a whole cake anyway. Even are waiter commented on my selection. The best part is I used the dinner plate to get mine, the dessert plate was a third of the size, room for only one or two things:)

Jason had his hand on his hip quoting some scriptue that made him sound like a ruler. He is so handsome:)
Oh and did I mention that he came home from work at noon and drove me to Draper to get my pregnancy spa treatment while he took Cohen to some random near by stores for entertainment while mommy was being pampered:) It was amazing. The day was wonderful.
The funny thing is we didnt take Cohen to dinner and I was a little nervous. Jay leaves for work everyday but I am with that little stinker 24/7 so when it comes time for me to leave him (which never happens) I get really nervous. Jay told me I could bring him if I wanted. I am really glad I left him and was able to just spend a couple hours with Jay. The best part was picking him up, I kept saying to Jay "I wonder who he will go to when we get there!" Well he loves Whitney's toy land (she has 2 of every toy ever made) and he just wanted to stay and play some more:). Thanks Whit for taking sucoh good care of my little guy.
So that was my anniversary. I reminded Jay when he was planning that I am almost having a baby so no fun hikes or crazy expectations from my rolly polly self:) He did what he does best and gave me another perfect day. LOVE YOU JAY.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Summer so far...

Well I would like to say that I just hate blogging, I could tell you a lie and promise you that I will be better, but I wont:) Life has been going fast, I am almost DUE to have our second sweet baby BOY. Last Monday I was dialated to a 1.5 and 60% effaced, so if the baby does not come by the 6th of August I am scheduled to be induced that day, HORRAY! We have had alot of fun this summer so here is a VERY LONG update of pictures:)
OREM Summer Fest
Cohen absolutly loved all of the rides and was not scared to do anything

His latest cheese!

FARM COUNTRY at Thanksgiving Point
We went to see all the stinky animals with Cohen's cousins and his grandma Earl.

Cohen with his cousins whom he loves to be around

Grandma taking him on his first pony ride, he just kept clapping and smiling, it was so cute.

Notice Cohen is running away from me AGAIN, poor lady didnt even know she was getting her picture taken:)

Ice cream, always makes Cohen and mommy feel so much better after swimming
LOTS and LOTS of corn on the cob.
I cant even let him see it before I cook it or he freaks out cause he does not understand why he cant eat it raw

4th of July
We had a pretty relaxing day, it was nice. We started out the day with the Provo parade

He just thinks everything is so great

Infact it was so great that he couldnt even help but fall asleep after it was over. Soo he got to ride in daddy's cart on the way back to the car.

Waiting for it to get dark. Cohen loves when the airplanes go by, he points and points and I think he thinks we cant see what he is seeing.


Lets just say that I told Jay i needed 20 minutes alone on the computer downstairs.... Well when I returend I saw this in the living room. I called out for the boys... Then Jay replied in a tired voice. Sooo what happened was Jay built this really great fort and then when he an Cohen were playing in it he fell asleep, so Cohen left him in there and he was upstairs playing in his room by himself:)

Potato bug anyone??

Cohen loves these little creatures, he tries to eat them. He grabs them and forces them to roll into a ball out of pure terror and then he attempts to get the tiny ball into his mouth before we can stop him:)

He has a liking for ants as well, but they are to fast for him and he just gets mad when he tries to catch them:)
Skateboarding with DAD.

One of my husbands MANY talents he is trying to rub off on Cohen. Cohen loves his Dad more than anything in this world, probably cause he does so many fun things with him. He cries every morning when he leaves for work and he nearly passes out from excitement when daddy pulls up everyday, honks, and waits for me to bring him out so he can sit on his lap while he parks his work trailer. Cohen would throw me under the bus at any moment to be with his DAD:) I cant complain, its quite nice that they enjoy eachother so much so I can have a break. He thinks that every truck that drives by during the day is Daddy and he yells for him out the window, but the trucks just keep on drivin.


I thought this obsession would come a little later, but everything seems to happen a little sooner in Cohen's world. He can even do my high heels on the carpet. Impecable balance. Jason hates when he chooses my shoes, I think it is funny.

Projects are never ending in this house, between school and having babies back to back the remodeling had taken a little longer than planned. We bought the house three years ago this October and we are still making changes. This is Jay and Cohen doing new sink and countertop for the half bath, Cohen will not let Jay work without him being right there. Lucky for him he fit right under daddy's work space and was completely content.
They were really thirsty after a hard day of work !
I love these two boys and cant wait to have another one.