Sunday, June 22, 2008

A First for everything.....

Since my last post Cohen has experienced a lot of first time adventures he wants to share with you, be patient there are alot to see!

His first love! Brynn Tate (whitneys baby) is going to be Cohen's first love if I have anything to say about it, she is the sweetest thing!

First ride in the wheel barrow with Dad, they went quite slow since I was next to them the whole time. He even went through the sprinkler in the wheel barrow

First time I cought him wasting his lunch by blowing bubbles with it.

We went to the Ringer cabin with Jay's fam and Cohen got to take his first ride on the hammerhead! He loved it so much that he slept the whole time.

This picture and the next couple are from our first camping trip with a baby! It was a blast, we went up tp Strawberry resevoir for the weekend with the Tate's and the Bluth's. It was so cold at night that Cohen and I slept in the Camper and Jay slept in the tent.

This is Cohens pretend sleeping bag, he slept so good that we considered making him sleep in it at home:)

John brought his brothers boat and Cohen had his first boat ride

Jay thought he could sneek away from us and take a nap in the hot tent but we found him right away and tried to keep him awake.

First time wearing his rash guard and swim trunks, we didnt however get in the freezing water, but he was dressed for the ocassion!

First shoulder ride with Dad while throwing up at the same time!

His first movie Kung Fu Panda

Cousins at the movies!

Nannie is who took us to the movie, thanks Mom!

First Fathers Day nap, thanks Jay your the best Dad:)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

One Month old:)

Ok so there are alot of pics on this post but I could not help myself, he is so funny and I love taking pics of him all the time! He is getting so big it makes me sad, I want him to grow up but then I want him to shrink again:) I still love being a mom and taking care of him all day!

Happy Face! he just ate

Party pooper on his one month birthday

He loves tummy time and he is so strong, he has been holding his little head up since he popped out! its not as cute when I am trying to get a burp out of him and he wont put his head on my shoulder.

He must be getting lots of protein, making him super baby!

We are lucky the blanket and pant are still touching him, sometimes I find him with blanket and his pants kicked to the bottom of the bed, he gets a little hot I guess

My mom got me that beautiful flower pot for Mothers Day, Thanks MOM! We love it.

This is Cohen reminding me how much he hates that binki, I am still trying to force him to love it, but he continues to win the battle by spitting it out

Ok so the other night he was crying and he wouldnt go to sleep, I was about to take some clothes down to the washer (which is two stories away from my room) so I took the cranky pants with me but I coulndt carry both so I put him in the hamper! Apperantly thats what he wanted cause he instantly fell asleep. Next time he should just tell me thats what he is crying for!

We decided to go to California Pizza Kitchen to celebrate his one month birthday, we really enjoyed the food and Cohen really enjoyed his birthday nap.