Saturday, March 26, 2011

Ragnar... you know you want to

A Relay race from Logan to Park city
A couple months ago my Sister Aimee called me and asked if I wanted to put a ragnar team together and of course I said yes. Totally unaware at the time that I would be living in Houston Texas during the race:( I am totally sad about it and wish I could still do it. oh well.

Sooooo... If you want to get a spot on a team and get to run with some awesome hot babes, let me know. NO BOYS. This team is a" ladies only" adventure.

The opening is for runner#3 and the cost is $105.00

P.S we found a renter. So grateful for that.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Hey There Stranger:)

Well lets just get this over with.


But seriously we are leaving April 6. Jason was offered a job with Turner Construction about a week ago and we both know this is where we are suppose to go.... They gave us one month to get there! We are excited and sad at the same time. We really do love it here and are very sad to leave our family/friends and our home.

We are going to rent our town home. Here are the details.......

1600sqft ( 2 story and a basement)
3bedroom ( 2 on the top level, one in the basement)
1.5 bath ( Full bath upstairs with double sink, half bath on main floor by the kitchen)
2 family rooms (main floor, and basement)
Laundry room ( Basement, washer and dryer can stay)
Enclosed back yard with small shed, concrete pad, and grass with small area for a garden.
Backyard open up to large grass filled common area, great for kids.
Plenty of storage space.

We have replaced nearly everything in the home since we purchased it in 2007. New cabinets, carpet, paint, light fixtures, counter tops (granite), Flooring (travertine), kitchen appliances, water heater (50 gallon). Kitchen and bathrooms have Travertine counter tops and stone back splashes. New doors, base boards. You name it we did it.

NO pets and NO smoking.

We are asking $1100.00/month with $950 deposit. Water/Gas/Power are to be paid by the tenant. The HOA fee will be taken care of by us.

Here is the deal, I am basically freaking out inside:) I know that there are horror stories about renters and I am afraid of experiencing one. We have put a lot of work and money into this home and we would like to rent it to someone awesome! If you know of anyone who is looking and you know they would be great please refer them, I would consider going to $1000.00/month if they were recommended by someone we trust. Besides we would be the best landlords EVER:)
Leave me a comment with your info, or call, you probably have my number if you still check this lame blog of mine:)

Also we LOVE our neighbors. They have been wonderful! and in case your LDS we love our ward as well. Just tooooo much love for this place, I told Jason I want to move back and live right here again with 10 kids:) He does not agree with me.

Also people can contact me to come see this cute place for themselves, it wont disappoint!

And in case you were wondering, my boys are adorable. And they know it too.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


In the cutest form of course.

I mean really, who wouldnt want those buckers in their back while enjoying a warm bath:) Cache boy is just oh so cute and sweet and soft and just soooo lovable. He is almost 9 months now and has eight teeth already, yup I am still nursing. "Feather" is his nickmane cause he weighs nothing, he is in the 3% for weight and the 18% for height, and the 80% for head, umm WHat? Docotor did you say 80%? I think maybe you measured his buckers and not his head. He happens to be one of the most easy going babies EVER. He is quite the picky eater and will not crawl on his hands and knees, he gets up on them but if he wants to get any where he flattens out on his belly and takes off pretty darn fast. I love this stage, soo sweet and does not talk back like his big brother!

Dear Cohen, Why do you insist on ONLY having love for your DAD?? And why is is that you never listen to anything I say, unless I bribe you with food or your DAD??? This boy definetly keeps me going. He is NON STOP I tell you. He eats everything, can almost say everything, throws everything, tries to ride on everything, jumps off everything, says hello to everything that walks by, and loves just about everything. He is ALL boy. The other night his prayer consisted of "poppie tracktor ride, poppie tracktor ride, poppie tracktor ride. Amen." Jason's dad is the only person on this planet that Cohen will choose over Jay, he adores his Poppie and his 4-wheeler "poppies tracktor." I cant help but laugh at him most of the time while trying to discipline him. The faces he gives you are just priceless. My favorite prases of his lately are:

"Ill be right back"

"Jason, Baabbbe" He yells this to his Dad.

"NO NO Dache Boy"

"Eww yucky"

"Nope. No Thanks." His reply to me asking him to get me wipes.

"BIIIGGG Truck" With spit flying out of his mouth due to the intesity of the sentence!

"Pappa's Yucy" Grandpa's dog Lucy

"Hi Pappa" He says this to EVERY old man we see in church and at the store, and he wont stop yelling it until they answer him.

"Yisa, potsicle,mmmm" Goes to the neighbors door and bangs on it unitl she opens up and gives him a popsicle. One day he went there 3 times.

Our conversation the other day went like this

Me: Cohen what do you want for your birthday?

Cohen: Daddy

Me: Daddy is at work, what do you want to do for your birthday?

Cohen: Ride Dad's truck!

Me: Dad took his truck to work with him so we cant, who should we hang out with today on your birthday, do you want Zev or Sadie and Jess or Both???

Cohen: DADDY.

See how this is going no where. The kid loves his Daddy, is that too much to ask for your 2nd birthday. I abbsolutly love him and his BIG personality, but I wont lie, some days I want to pull my hair out and lock him in the basement:)

Can you guess which one of these super fine behinds just graduated???Yup you were right! It was that smack worthy one on the left reading books to his little men. OUR GRADUATE on Graduation day, in the pouring rain.
Jay graduated form BYU in Construction Managment, this day had been a long time coming and boy we were all so proud of him. Jay is basically majic. He goes to school, spends a great deal of time helping me and playing with the boys, runs a buisness, and serves in the bishop rick. I am not quite sure where he finds time to do all of this with a smile on his face, but I am very grateful and very lucky to have a husband who is so devoted to his family, church, and education without complaint. Like I said, HE IS MAJIC. Maybe one time we can charge the big bucks and have a seminar where he could show you all the tricks:) Until then his Majic is mine to enjoy only:)
Oh how I wish I could say I will keep you updated with more than one post every six months but I figure suprises are much better that broken promises so we will just have to wait and see. Till next time. love to all!!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Way to good looking, seriously we are in trouble.
Sometimes taking care of brother is so hard:) I dont even have time too eat.

Smile for the camera you ladies man

No wonder he is handsome, look at his daddy WOWZA

This kid loves the shower, even the water in the face part

Cohen must be by Cache if he is within reach. i love it.

Our first and last trip to the zoo this year. the baby elephant was so stinkin adorable

We borrowed the bike trailer from our awesome friends and took the kiddos for a ride

Disregard the "abused look" Cohen is displaying. He tipped his stroller over and had a face to face talk with the concrete. awful. I wanted to cry with him.

The best video EVER. We totally get a kick out of letting Cache eat Cohen's face. Cohen cant get enough and beggs for more.

Friday, October 2, 2009

The first week or two...

Disclaimer: I did three posts and it is posting them backwards. Very frustrating. Scroll down to see Cache before he is two weeks old:)

The first night was awesome. Not. Cache was crying at 4am and Cohen woke up and started to scream, he didnt want to be in another room away from all the excitment. We decide he should join us in an effort to get Cache to stop crying. I knew Cache needed to poo so I was trying to get him to take this passy so it would help him poo and it did:) So after that we all went back to bed. Cohen sleeps through the noise now, thankfully.

His first "fake" bath. I hate that i cant bath them unitl that nasty button falls off. I just cant handle smelly babies, I think it is rude to let your kids stink:) So he got sponge baths for the first week. He was not a huge fan, beauty hurts Cache.Jay enjoying the nice weather with the boys in the backyard

What mom? Why you always lookin at me like that?

I came down staris to find these three handsome guys asleep.

So Strong, just like big brother was.

I just love the chubb on his legs, Cohen never had the chubb till now.

He probably wonders why I always let his bro lay on him. I always tell Cache it is his fault for choosing to come second in line, he should have come first:)

First family photo, the sad part about his picture it right after I pushed the botton it fell out of my hand and right on to Cache's head:( I wish it would have landed on one of ours. He screamed and cried, it was awful. He immediatly had a huge bruise pop up. Someone vote me for Mother of the year NOW.

There are many more pictures but I am getting tired:) I will post some more recent ones of him in a couple days.

On a side note we have other news...

NO not pregnant. yet. But I finally took my nursing boards last week and passed:) I am officially an RN. I am so glad I dont have to study everyday anymore, jay is happy too. Speaking of Jay, he was called to serve as the second counsler in the bishopric two days after we got home from the hospital:) He was so nervous at first but now he loves it. He is such a great man. Cohen likes to yell Dad really loud about ten times, and points to him. Everyone comments how cute it is, but i am the one holding him back from running up there, not so cute to me. The best part for me is now I have my own personal eye candy to stare at, I love him. It has really been a huge blessing. Goodnight:)

Ready to come home

All bundled up and lookin so adorable

Cohen was eating when we walked in the door with his present, he was excited to see us carrying something for him to kiss and hug all day long

Kisses. Cohen's first priority again. They wouldnt be so bad except the drool that runs down Cache's head after he is done.

Loves to hold the Cache. He will always sit down and ask Please over and over again until I put him on his lap:)

Baby boy is here

Sorry for the delay...we have been busy:)

Cache Hansen Earl

was born August 13th at 1:59 am he weighed a wopping 8lbs 10oz and 20.5 inches long. labor was amazing compared to Cohen and we couldnt be happier about our new addition. He is sooooo cute, and a very good baby. Cohen absolutly loves him, kisses and hugs all the time. He loves to be held and talked to, loves his bath's and his milk. At two weeks he weighed 9lbs 10z doin good! I am in heaven with these two little boys, I cant beleive we have two already and cant imagine stopping at this point, they are just too sweet and fun:) Here is alot of pics that will show you are last 7 weeks:)

Dont we just look so awake here:) 2am is not the best itme to deliver.

This is the first time Cohen met Cache. Kisses were a first priority. He immediatly fell in love with this little guy, and continues to be in his face daily:)