Friday, October 2, 2009

The first week or two...

Disclaimer: I did three posts and it is posting them backwards. Very frustrating. Scroll down to see Cache before he is two weeks old:)

The first night was awesome. Not. Cache was crying at 4am and Cohen woke up and started to scream, he didnt want to be in another room away from all the excitment. We decide he should join us in an effort to get Cache to stop crying. I knew Cache needed to poo so I was trying to get him to take this passy so it would help him poo and it did:) So after that we all went back to bed. Cohen sleeps through the noise now, thankfully.

His first "fake" bath. I hate that i cant bath them unitl that nasty button falls off. I just cant handle smelly babies, I think it is rude to let your kids stink:) So he got sponge baths for the first week. He was not a huge fan, beauty hurts Cache.Jay enjoying the nice weather with the boys in the backyard

What mom? Why you always lookin at me like that?

I came down staris to find these three handsome guys asleep.

So Strong, just like big brother was.

I just love the chubb on his legs, Cohen never had the chubb till now.

He probably wonders why I always let his bro lay on him. I always tell Cache it is his fault for choosing to come second in line, he should have come first:)

First family photo, the sad part about his picture it right after I pushed the botton it fell out of my hand and right on to Cache's head:( I wish it would have landed on one of ours. He screamed and cried, it was awful. He immediatly had a huge bruise pop up. Someone vote me for Mother of the year NOW.

There are many more pictures but I am getting tired:) I will post some more recent ones of him in a couple days.

On a side note we have other news...

NO not pregnant. yet. But I finally took my nursing boards last week and passed:) I am officially an RN. I am so glad I dont have to study everyday anymore, jay is happy too. Speaking of Jay, he was called to serve as the second counsler in the bishopric two days after we got home from the hospital:) He was so nervous at first but now he loves it. He is such a great man. Cohen likes to yell Dad really loud about ten times, and points to him. Everyone comments how cute it is, but i am the one holding him back from running up there, not so cute to me. The best part for me is now I have my own personal eye candy to stare at, I love him. It has really been a huge blessing. Goodnight:)


Melissa, Benton, and Roxy said...

Very cute! You are so hilarious, I love to read your posts-so you should do them more often. Your family is way cute. Cowen is adorable with Cache, I love how he says please. We're excited to see you guys again next week! See you soon.

Erin said...

Congratulations on another beautiful boy! I hope you are able to get some sleep. Best of luck with the bishopric...I know exactly how you feel. Steve is also the 2nd counselor.

Merri said...

Wow a whole lot of congrats! Way to pass the nurse test!!! I can't believe Jason is in the bishopric! That's exciting. and Cache is the cutest little boy!!!

Kade & Kari said...

Congrats!! What handsome boys!! I've been waiting to see some pictures :) Congrats to you on the nursing boards, I know you're so glad to have that over with!! Glad to see things are goin well .... take care!


Kattie your boys are so beautiful. It's amazing how big Cache already is. I love those little chubby legs too. Ethan's got them also :) I'm so glad to see you and your family are doing well. I miss you.

Tony and Linda said...

Yeh! You finally updated your blog! I love looking at all the pics! Such cute grandsons that I have! I am proud of you on all your accomplishments including nursing. You are a wonderful Mother! Luv U! Mom

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