Friday, December 19, 2008

Bath time

Cohen has been loving his bath time:) He loves to suck all of the water out of the bath cloths! kinda gross, but boosting him immunity right! Its so nice that he can sit and play but now he tries to reach for his distant toys and takes a face dive into the water:) giving him a bath is always mt favorite part of the day.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Spider Monkey:)

OK so I am not sure how to get rid of the underlying but Oh well:)
Now for my comments on Twilight......
Funny, Funny, Funny:) I know it was not meant to be funny but we could not stop laughing, although this was provoked by my sister Carol! I promised my sister in-law Becky that I would give it another chance, but for now I am sticking to the book, much much better!
The movie wasnt perfect but the night was, I got to go out to lunch with some of my favorite girls, who cares about low budget movies when you get to watch them with sister's:)

Probably the best part was the food, we ate at the cheesecake factory and it was so yummy!

Thanksgiving 2008

Thanksgiving was so fun this year, we had it at my sister Aimee's and it was sooooo dilicious, Cohen even enjoyed his own things of baby sweet potatoes:)

This is a pictuere of Aimee's youngest boy named Andrew, he is so funny and I just love this picture, he is trying so hard to hold still and smile

Cohen and Jay skipped out on helping and Cohen enjoyed a back scratch from his daddy. Cohen better back off, jay is my personal massuse!

All The siblings minus Rachelle in Montana. We wish she was here!
It is so fun when we are all together and we get to pig out:)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

School is out:)

I just walked in the door from taking my final and I started to scream halalua in my house! The feeling of having a LONG break and only ONE more semester to go just puts the biggest smile on my face, I am sure your wondering why this post includes nothing about Cohen but I am really behind and I will catch up this week:) We are leaving for Aspen Colorado tommorow, no not to spend tons of money (we dont have) in the beautful place, but for Jay to do some tile in a spa up there, I will have plenty of time to update my blog with pictures and stories about my little guy! So stay tuned..