Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My baby turned 1....We are in love with him:)

Oh how time flys!
This little sweetie was born on May 3,2008 and has grown up ALL TO FAST.
We have truely enjoyed every minute we have had with Cohen, anyone who knows him, knows that he is full of personality and some of the greatest facial expressions you have ever seen. He is so happy and loves almost everyone. Right now his favorite things are his DAD, DAD, DAD, oh and did I mention that he absolutly loves his dad:) He seriously cant get enough of Jay but I cant either so go figure. He also loves milk, hotdogs, yogurt, chicken dinos, meatloaf, pancakes, bananas, oranges, and his new favorite is corn on the cob. He cant get enough of Jay's hats and sunglasses, it is a must that he wear Jay's hat the minute he gets a hold of it and he only wears it backwards. He loves to shower and tolerates the bath. He points to the door all day cause he loves to be outside and cries when I bring him in. He still loves moving the kitchen chairs around, which is extremely loud and annoying. He loves taking the plastic baggies and stringing them everywhere and un winding the plastic wrap and tinfoil. I eventually hid the toilet brush after trying to teach him that it is not something we drag around the house and stick in our mouth:) There are too many things that this monster does that makes me laugh and ant to scream at the same time. We are so lucky to have this giant spirit trapped in this little body with us everyday. Cohen we love you so much!
Here are some pictures from the day of celebration. ENJOY

Thank you everyone who came to celebrate Cohen's special day!
He loves all of his presents, although the ones from Grandma Linda and Grandma Nette have been the favorties so far:)