Saturday, February 14, 2009

My 2 loves....

Jay and Cohen you are the greatest
Jay was so sweet to get me these flowers and he even wrote that they were from him and my little bub:)

Cohen received his first valentine from his dear friend Preston. He looks like he has won the jack pot. I know they should not have a ton of sugar but I had to give him a try.

Thouroughly enjoying the sickle

After a couple minutes of sucking I decided that was enough so I took it away. Not to pleased with his mama right now

So I decided it was too sad and I gave him a few more licks

And I attempted to pull it away for good:) He eventually forgot, he only cried for a breif moment but he cried so hard I had to blow in his face to make him take a breath:)

I gave the sucker to Jay and told him to throw it away, only to look at him a minute later and saw he was enjoying the sucker himself. I told him that was rude and if Cohen could not have it then he couldnt either!

Happy Valentines!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I am pretty sure that will be the number of our family coming August:) Most of you know the shocking news already that we are having another baby. It came by suprise, I shed a few tears while Jay jumped up and down with Cohen in his arms shouting horray! I am now 14 weeks and anticipating the second semster, since all the books say it is the best. Cohen and the baby will be 1 year and three months apart. Cohen loves all babies and kids so I am sure he will fall in love with this one too. We are very blessed to be able to have another one and my excitment is showing up in little amounts and hopefully will be in full bloom before the baby comes:) I will be finished with school in April, thank heavens!

As far as Cohen goes he has a Dr. Appt tomorrow and I will post the stats. I dont have time to do pictures right now but here are a few of his new things he loves to do....

1. WALK, ya he is so funny when he walks around, being in the 1 percentile and starting right before he turned nine months just dosent look right for his size. he must be trying to prove that being small is no big deal:) This will guarantee at least two to three goose eggs and bruises on his forehead ALWAYS. As soon as one goes away he runs into something else. He has given himself a bloody lip twice now, the last time resulted in a rush to the kitchen and feeding him cold chocolate icecream to make the pain go away:)

2. DAD DAD DAD is all he ever says, occassionaly there is a mamamama in there somewhere but he totally says DAD all day long, it use to be dadadada but then he figured it out and it sounds quite cute. He is so vocal, annoying when your at church. Thats when I wish I could plug him up with a binki but then I realize I hate those things and I am glad he does too.

3. He loves to push the kitchen chairs on the floor to hear that horrible noise. He pushes them all around until the get stick in a corner (usually all of them end up in the same corner) and then he gets mad cause they wont move anymore:)

4. He is obssesed with food, any kind. It dosesnt matter how many times or how much food you have given him he always can take some more .

5.He tries to pull his own ears, fingers, and hair out. Usually when he starts to get tired he tries to pull himself apart.

6. He is still the sweetest and cutest thing in the world, evertime the door opens he just races to get there and cant wait to see who has come to visit him. He loves strangers, he thinks everyone is his freind and if they come in the house without going strait to him he gets upset. He is so happy most of the time and he entertains himself alot of the day. I hope that his perfectness will rub off on the new one:)

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Becky Earl Photography
is moving to UTAH!!!!!
Yes its true! The amazing professional pictures you have seen on my blog of my sweet Cohen have been taken by the best photographer:) You can check out more of her unbeleivable talent by going to her photography blog and website Although you will see her talent there you cant tell how wonderful SHE really is until you meet her. Fortunatly for Utah she will be bringing her talent with her!
Justin, Becky, Sadie, and Jess are moving here the beginning of March:) I beleive this might be the most anticipated thing in my life besides wedding day and baby of course! I am so excited to have them here and be able to hang out with them NON STOP:) I know that the fam in Vegas is SOOOO sad but that just means we will get to see them more since all the grandkids will be here!
We love ya and cant wait till you get here:)