Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Miracles happen...

I love these kids, they are all so cute and they are so good to Cohen

Well a couple weeks ago my sister Rachelle was here with her sweet new baby Kallin who was only 17 days old. They are from Montana and they came here for Kallin to undergo heart surgery at Primary Children's Hospital for what they thought to be a rare heart condition with his coronary artery. I know between family and friends Kallin was in all of our prayers. Like mine I am sure most prayers were seeking good health and a successful recovery for little Kallin. Once the doctors performed the open heart surgery they discovered that the surgery was not needed after all. I am sure the initial reaction is anger and frustration, these feelings made me uneasy for some reason. I got to thinking about how much we all pleaded with with our Father in heaven that Kallin would be healthy and strong and be able to handle such an invasive surgery. I then realized how easy it was to forget the miracle that took place, although the doctors say the surgery was unnecessary I like to believe that a miracle has occurred and our prayers for a healthy Kallin have been answered. Kallin was released from the hospital to return home with his family five days after surgery. He did so well, he even gained weight while in the hospital:) We are so blessed to have a Father in heaven who can hear our prayers and create miracles right before our eyes even if it takes a while to recognize them. Although the circumstances were not ideal, I am so happy I got to see my new handsome nephew, his parents, and my adorable nieces. We don't get to see them very often and we definitely love it when they are here:) I don't have any photos of Kallin or my sister, but here is all of the nieces and nephews hanging out one night (except the sweet little Kallin) We miss you and hope to see you again soon.

Happy Thanksgiving :)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Better late than never...Right???

Happy Halloween (one month later:) )

Halloween was so fun this year! We went to the best party of all time thrown by the Clyde's, thanks guys (won the costume contest by the way). The party was the week before halloween, my mom came down to watch cohen so we could go to the party. Thanks mom! The actuall night of halloween was not to fun, I went to clinicals but Jay dressed Cohen up and brought him to the hospital to visit me, every one loved him so that was the highlight of my night. Jay and Cohen handed out candy to the kiddies at home and shared the rest of the evening together:) I cant wait until next year when I can actully take him trick or treating and use him as an excuse to load up on some candy:)


Richard Simmons and his number one fan PLUS the CUTEST ninja you have ever seen!

If your wondering why his legs look so sleek, yes he is wearing Womans tights:)
And dont be jealous of my bangs, I know you think I am hot

Who wouldnt want to be kicked by this little ninja, this was the best five dollars I have spent all year!