Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Good Sport

Sometimes when Jay does his homework late I get bored so I start to play with his AMAZING hair, it only works when its long. He is so funny he just sits there and does his homework why I waist time! Thanks for being so fun sweetie!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Baby news!

Well I had my appointment today and my BP is still rockin high so I am still on bed rest but my friend Mandee came to visit me today which was SO NICE. We watched a million of those judge shows that are on during the day, YAH I only have channel 13 so those are my options! Anyhow the doc said induction on Friday morning is final unless my water breaks before then of course, but that means only 3 more days! YIKES I am so nervous to get him out! Well if the stats change I will post but most likely the next post I do will be a picture of little Cohen!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

White trash bash

Ok so I realize we went to this party more than a year ago but I dont have access to all of our pictures, and i am EXTREMELY bored in my hot bed so I thought I would make this post! Some way cool friends of ours (jaclyn and brain!) threw a white trash bash! Everyone dressed up and we ate funny food and played really funny games, of course Jason won the contest of looking the trashiest! Best of all the pleated corderoy shorts i bought from the DI had eleven dollars in the pocket! I realize it looks like jay has a belly but i SWEAR he is just huntched over!

Friday, April 25, 2008

My poor car

My first accident! Yes it was my fault

I went to get my retainer fixed in december and instead I ruined my car. So much for the retainer, I went without a car for two months due to Brent Brown Toyota Collission Repair. on commercials they say they will bend over backwards to help but I promise you they dont bend at all, they had it for two months, which was suppose to be two weeks! Oh well, I eventually got it back but now It is in the shop, needs a new tranmission! We have the best car luck in the world! Fortunatly we always end up without injuries:)

Life is Good

Cohen is on his way but decided to give us a challenge, I am on bed rest! I decided I would give into the pressure and create a blog with my next week of unlimited time in bed:) Enjoy this could get risky.