Thursday, January 8, 2009

GROWING to fast:(

Current status
Age: Just turned 8 months!
Weight: 14lbs 10oz as of November RUNT!

My little turkey is doing so much these days!!! He mastered his crawling in Vegas over christmas and loves to climb stairs, stand (holding onto nothing), and he loves to hold onto everything in the house and walk. Standing was first discovered about a month ago when he was suddenly quite in his crib and I went to see if he had fallen asleep but instead he was looking over the top of his crib with the look of such accomplishment! Terror is what I felt because we had not lowered his mattress yet, so that was done shortly after! He wants to eat everything he can get his hands on, paper is his favorite. He has been quite cranky due to the fact that he Almost has four teeth:) he broke one of his bottom ones in the beginning of Dec and then the other three started coming at the same time, YIKES! He showed no teething signs with the first one but I guess when you are getting your second bottom and both your top it hurts worse!!! Of course the lovely pictures are to display the daggers that nearly take your finger off if your too slow at putting food in his mouth. We just love his personality that seems to grow every minute, he is currently obsessed with his Dad which does NOT bother me:)
My last semester of School started yesterday and so my blogging might slack more than it already does! I will try to post chritmas before it gets to crazy around here.