Saturday, August 30, 2008

First day of school:)

The night before.....
Well Cohen hadnt gone #2 for about four days! I was not about to leave him with Whitney for the first time constipated and cranky, so Jay drove us to albertsons to purchase his first suppository, right before we gave it to him I told him I was sorry about this and that I still loved him:) The look on his face was priceless, it looks like he really knew what was coming his way, not a very happy boy! He looks extrememly worried.

The morning of...
Well it started off good, we got up early and we got ready, I had to pack him a sitter bag with more than he needed of course. We headed to Whitney's where he would surely be loved:) She told me not to be sad about ten times before I left, but I called Jay once I was in the car to shed a few tears and get more comfort from him:) Whitney is a fabulous mom and I totally trust her, I was just sad to leave him. I called twice during my breaks at school. Sometime around eleven Cohen decided it was time to eat, well I had brought her some formula and some BM in case he refused the formula, I thought forsure I was covered. NOPE. The little stinker denied both! I couldnt beleive it, he had taken it form me in a bottle, why not Whitney, shouldnt that be easier for him??? Well good thing we were let out at 11:30 (an hour and a half early). I rushed to Whitneys so I could try and force him to take this BM, I was not about to waist 3 oz of that stuff! Sure enough he took it from me right away, he is such a SPOILED BUG!
I have until nest Thursday to get him better trained. Wish me luck:)

Thanks again Whitney, you are such a great friend, I promise he will be better behaved next time:)

Mirror Lake

It was the last camping trip of the summer and we had a fabulous time:)
We left on Friday with the Romney's and met up with the Bluths Saturday morning. Max rented a canoe for fishing and we took Jay's aunts 4-wheelers and bikes (Jays favorite part)
We had yummy food and definetly enjoyed our time there.

4-Wheelers are the secret for putting kids to sleep:)

Max, Becca, Addie, and the unknown baby girl

Jason was obsessed, one day you will get your own sweety!

Look its my twin with blue eyes!

Cohen in the morning wearing his new PJ's too cute!

Alec, Michelle, Dillon

Whomever thinks camping is just too difficult with a child, dont complain! Trevor and Michelle never miss a good time and they have twins:)

In the canoe on Mirror Lake

Dillon loves this more than the older boys, you literally have to pry his hands off when we are done, you would think he would get tired and let go after riding over bumping roads but he just keeps this serious face and never moves a finger!

Monday, August 25, 2008


Ok so I have been trying to get Cohen to take formula so that when i go back to school he can eat while I'am away for class and clinical, the first time I tried was a nightmare! Everyone told me he would take it if he was hungry enough, well he was so hungry that he cried himself to sleep while i tried to force him to drink:) So i thought to my self maybe he just hates bottles, so I put some breastmilk in the bottle and WHAM he took it right away! SPOILED. I guess the stinker knows what he wants. I couldnt settle for this since school starts next Wednesday no matter what, so I tried again a couple days later. Might I add that I had Jason try and my friend Jaclyn, so it was not just me. Well the second attempt was identical to the first, but then I decided to trick him!!! I started feeding him like normal and then I hurry and pushed the bottle in his mouth and he kept going!! I was so excited, but soon realized the point of formula was so that i didnt need to be there. Call me crazy but I didnt want to ask my babysiters if they could trick him for me GROSS. So the next day I tried without tricking him, he hesitated at first but then he took it. I am so releived and proud of him. I have to admit it makes me sad when he eats it. I dont know why I am so crazy but I just like to feed him and i hate thinking that he has to eat it when he doesnt like it. After I give him the bottle, I still feed him:) Jay thinks I am being selfish by stuffing him to full but I just like to consider it dessert!!! I love Cohen to death and I am so sad to be going back to school, but I know it will be worth it.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

SOOO much fun

We spent the last four days in Lake Powell with our great friends John and Whitney Tate and his family. We had so much fun playing in the water, eating, playing games, and doing some more eating:) There are quite a few pics to see but i couldnt leave any of Cohens out, he is so cute in all of them.

This was right after whitney displayed her wakeboarding skills, she is so brave.

This is the sweet and adorable Brynn Tate, she is suppose to be one of Cohens many girlfriends, but we need to work on him gaining some weight, she is winning that contest no problem!

I love when Jay gets on that thing, he just gets even cuter then he already is

This was what I woke up to four days in a row, ugly huh??!

Now for the good stuff! COHEN LOVES THE WATER, he didnt even cry when we would dunk him:)

He has the littlest bumb

Thats him standing in the sand of course

Watching the boys fish

We thought Jay had a fish but it endend up being snaged on something!

Thanks to the Tates for letting us be apart of there fun family tradition, we loved it:)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

It truely is a blessing... this post is a little late:)

Cohen's morning started out like this, he wakes up for his 6 oclock feeding and he gets to stay in my bed from that point on , I figure its the morning so who cares right?! He always looks so cozy in my bed.

Of course he needed a bath for his big day! He smelt so handsome

Then he posed for a few pics before heading off to church.

This is after the blessing. We are such proud parents

And last of all, this is how his day ended, he fell asleep while being burpped:) I think he was a little worn out to say the least.

Cohens blessing was so sweet, I am so pround of my husband and his desire to hold the preisthood, he is such a blessing to me and Cohen. Thanks to my mom and sisters for helping me with the food, I would have died without you. I was so happy that so many family and friends could make it to the blessing to support us and be apart of Cohen's special day.


Who Loves the ZOO???

We do! we went to the zoo with family and friends one week, it was so much fun, Brittany came and she was the biggest help with Cohen, he just loves her, and she loves him!