Monday, October 20, 2008

Please forgive me:)

We have been BUSY:)
Cohen is almost six months old and he is getting cuter (hard to beleive) and funnier every day.
He had is 4 month appt a little while ago and the results are sad:) he was in the 1% for his weight, WHAT??? Do those cheeks look like 1% to you?? Anyway the doc said it was ok because he has reflux and he is super active, so my chances of making him chubby are slim:( But... He did order me to start giving him rice cereal once a day with squash. YUM. So I started that and I even give him some formula after I BF him but the more I give him the more he barfs, so oh well I will just have to love my little anerexic anyway! He still loves to stand, roll EVERYWHERE, try to sit on his own, scoot, and smile alot:) I cant beleive we waited for him for almost four years, he just makes us so happy that we cant imgaine anything greater. The last couple nights I have asked jay if I could go pull him out of bed (already sleeping) and sleep with him, he always says no, but i just feel like he is getting to big to fast and I want to have him next to me always:) Well thats enough info so enjoy the best part, lots of PICTURES:)
Daddy showing him his first snow fall

We were studying on our bed and kept hearing this thump noise so we looked over to the botton of the bed and there was Cohen almost underneath our bed, he kept kicking the bottom. LOL

This was his first trip to VEGAS, we pulled over in St. george and let him stand for a minute (his favorite thing to do since he was born)

The sad thing about this pic is right after I took the pic he fell back flat on his head. jay was not to happy with me.

I am still confused about the blue eyes
Once every 6 months or so we go get some exercise and I walk him around in the stroller:)

THE BUMBO is my new favorite, he loves to watch me in the kitchen

The sound of me running water made him sleepy

Last night we were about to go to sleep and Jay said "I am going to go check on Cohen" well he had tried to escape but got caught, he wasnt sleeping or crying, just hangin out. I know I should have bought his bedding earlier but all boy bedding is so ugly and I could never decide but I promised Jay I would order some ASAP so he dosent do this again:) I orderd it tonight!

Like father like son, jay loves the internet and so does Cohen

he loves to be on his side, he sleeps on his side and apparently he shops in his stroller on his side also:)
So this was the first attempt at cereal, this was a little while ago. Now he is a pro and he loves it, I cant shovel it in fast enough, he starts to get mad and shake if I take too long.
hope you enjoyed!