Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Way to good looking, seriously we are in trouble.
Sometimes taking care of brother is so hard:) I dont even have time too eat.

Smile for the camera you ladies man

No wonder he is handsome, look at his daddy WOWZA

This kid loves the shower, even the water in the face part

Cohen must be by Cache if he is within reach. i love it.

Our first and last trip to the zoo this year. the baby elephant was so stinkin adorable

We borrowed the bike trailer from our awesome friends and took the kiddos for a ride

Disregard the "abused look" Cohen is displaying. He tipped his stroller over and had a face to face talk with the concrete. awful. I wanted to cry with him.

The best video EVER. We totally get a kick out of letting Cache eat Cohen's face. Cohen cant get enough and beggs for more.


Erin said...

I sure hope Tyler loves his little sister as much as Cohen loves his little brother! We went to the zoo a few weeks ago, and all the baby animals are so cute!

The Shaws said...

That video seriously made me smile ALL DAY! So stinkin cute!! Your family is adorable!!

Melissa, Benton, and Roxy said...

You have the cuttest little guys! I love how Cowen likes when Cache sucks on his face, how hilarious!

berg and megpie said...

seriously? maybe the whole "waiting 5 more years" thing isn't such a good idea. that is, if i can have 2 adorable boys like you!

Merri said...

Oh I want to eat his little cheeks up. what a cute cute baby!!!

Kelsey and Cory said...

oh my gosh!!! YOUR LITTLE BOYS ARE SO CUTE! i cant believe you have two! Last time i saw you, you just had Cowen!! time seriously flys! Hope your doing good!!

Wendy W. said...

Kattie - Congrats! Wow, Cache is so adorable. I am SO happy for you that boards are over with. Congrats on that also. Are you planning on working or just staying home with your little cuties?

melissa said...

ya!! Pictures of my favorite little boys! I love the video.. Cant wait to see you guys.

Tyler + Lauren Clyde said...

We've been sick this past week with a nasty head cold! Kids gave it to Ty & he gave it to me! I was doing really well dodging it but I think all the natural stress as a mom broke my immune system down & that's how i got it. My parents are in town this next weekend so we should make plans for the following wknd & stick to the plans! Mark it on your calendar, that is if your free & Jay isn't having to do work up in Alaska or something ;o)

If Im feeling better in the next day or two I'm planning on taking Preston to Jump On It 10am-11am or 12(Mom's are free & Kids cost 2 or 3 bucks). I bet Cohen will be able to play rougher with lil P now.

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