Wednesday, May 5, 2010


In the cutest form of course.

I mean really, who wouldnt want those buckers in their back while enjoying a warm bath:) Cache boy is just oh so cute and sweet and soft and just soooo lovable. He is almost 9 months now and has eight teeth already, yup I am still nursing. "Feather" is his nickmane cause he weighs nothing, he is in the 3% for weight and the 18% for height, and the 80% for head, umm WHat? Docotor did you say 80%? I think maybe you measured his buckers and not his head. He happens to be one of the most easy going babies EVER. He is quite the picky eater and will not crawl on his hands and knees, he gets up on them but if he wants to get any where he flattens out on his belly and takes off pretty darn fast. I love this stage, soo sweet and does not talk back like his big brother!

Dear Cohen, Why do you insist on ONLY having love for your DAD?? And why is is that you never listen to anything I say, unless I bribe you with food or your DAD??? This boy definetly keeps me going. He is NON STOP I tell you. He eats everything, can almost say everything, throws everything, tries to ride on everything, jumps off everything, says hello to everything that walks by, and loves just about everything. He is ALL boy. The other night his prayer consisted of "poppie tracktor ride, poppie tracktor ride, poppie tracktor ride. Amen." Jason's dad is the only person on this planet that Cohen will choose over Jay, he adores his Poppie and his 4-wheeler "poppies tracktor." I cant help but laugh at him most of the time while trying to discipline him. The faces he gives you are just priceless. My favorite prases of his lately are:

"Ill be right back"

"Jason, Baabbbe" He yells this to his Dad.

"NO NO Dache Boy"

"Eww yucky"

"Nope. No Thanks." His reply to me asking him to get me wipes.

"BIIIGGG Truck" With spit flying out of his mouth due to the intesity of the sentence!

"Pappa's Yucy" Grandpa's dog Lucy

"Hi Pappa" He says this to EVERY old man we see in church and at the store, and he wont stop yelling it until they answer him.

"Yisa, potsicle,mmmm" Goes to the neighbors door and bangs on it unitl she opens up and gives him a popsicle. One day he went there 3 times.

Our conversation the other day went like this

Me: Cohen what do you want for your birthday?

Cohen: Daddy

Me: Daddy is at work, what do you want to do for your birthday?

Cohen: Ride Dad's truck!

Me: Dad took his truck to work with him so we cant, who should we hang out with today on your birthday, do you want Zev or Sadie and Jess or Both???

Cohen: DADDY.

See how this is going no where. The kid loves his Daddy, is that too much to ask for your 2nd birthday. I abbsolutly love him and his BIG personality, but I wont lie, some days I want to pull my hair out and lock him in the basement:)

Can you guess which one of these super fine behinds just graduated???Yup you were right! It was that smack worthy one on the left reading books to his little men. OUR GRADUATE on Graduation day, in the pouring rain.
Jay graduated form BYU in Construction Managment, this day had been a long time coming and boy we were all so proud of him. Jay is basically majic. He goes to school, spends a great deal of time helping me and playing with the boys, runs a buisness, and serves in the bishop rick. I am not quite sure where he finds time to do all of this with a smile on his face, but I am very grateful and very lucky to have a husband who is so devoted to his family, church, and education without complaint. Like I said, HE IS MAJIC. Maybe one time we can charge the big bucks and have a seminar where he could show you all the tricks:) Until then his Majic is mine to enjoy only:)
Oh how I wish I could say I will keep you updated with more than one post every six months but I figure suprises are much better that broken promises so we will just have to wait and see. Till next time. love to all!!!



Oh my gosh Kattie...your kids are so stinkin cute. I love it!!

Erin said...

I actually like that both of my kids are early teethers. That means they can eat real food sooner! I know what you mean about the oldest not listening. Tyler struggles with that!

Congrats on graduation!!!

jess and lacy said...

Kattie....your boys are just the cutest. I can't believe how big cache seems like I JUST saw you prego with him at the OB! Congrats on Jason's graduation! Are you working right now? I'm about to take NCLEX. crazy.

Merri said...

Oh wat cute kids!!!! So excited to see the new post, I need more of those in my life! And Congrats to Jason for graduating!!!

Tony and Linda said...

What a surprise that you finally blogged! I was so excited to look at the new photos. My grandsons are so cute! Congratulations to Jason again! What a wonderful man he is! Luv U! Mom

berg and megpie said...

so cute. it is so funny how cohen looks just like you and cache looks just like jason.

melissa marie said...

Your boys are darling. It is so cute how different they look from each other. Thanks again for referring us for that photography workshop.

Oh and please tell me where I can find the aged gray haired Rod Stewart. Kimball and I are DYING for an encore! :)

aimee said...

I am laying in my bed laughing my head off at your post. I think along with the cupcake shop you should become a writer. What you think about that?

Merri said...

Kate Bate I want to have you and your fam over for din din sometime soon. what do I have to do to get you to pencil me into your schedule??? :)

Lauren Clyde said...

My goodness Woman... why have a blog if you aren't going to entertain people with updates? Good thing I get to see you every once-in-a-while in person... glad you're not toally lost to me;o)

Justin said...

Just found your blog! Those pics are fantastic and your kids are adorable. I love the narrative and I look forward to reading more!


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