Monday, March 14, 2011

Hey There Stranger:)

Well lets just get this over with.


But seriously we are leaving April 6. Jason was offered a job with Turner Construction about a week ago and we both know this is where we are suppose to go.... They gave us one month to get there! We are excited and sad at the same time. We really do love it here and are very sad to leave our family/friends and our home.

We are going to rent our town home. Here are the details.......

1600sqft ( 2 story and a basement)
3bedroom ( 2 on the top level, one in the basement)
1.5 bath ( Full bath upstairs with double sink, half bath on main floor by the kitchen)
2 family rooms (main floor, and basement)
Laundry room ( Basement, washer and dryer can stay)
Enclosed back yard with small shed, concrete pad, and grass with small area for a garden.
Backyard open up to large grass filled common area, great for kids.
Plenty of storage space.

We have replaced nearly everything in the home since we purchased it in 2007. New cabinets, carpet, paint, light fixtures, counter tops (granite), Flooring (travertine), kitchen appliances, water heater (50 gallon). Kitchen and bathrooms have Travertine counter tops and stone back splashes. New doors, base boards. You name it we did it.

NO pets and NO smoking.

We are asking $1100.00/month with $950 deposit. Water/Gas/Power are to be paid by the tenant. The HOA fee will be taken care of by us.

Here is the deal, I am basically freaking out inside:) I know that there are horror stories about renters and I am afraid of experiencing one. We have put a lot of work and money into this home and we would like to rent it to someone awesome! If you know of anyone who is looking and you know they would be great please refer them, I would consider going to $1000.00/month if they were recommended by someone we trust. Besides we would be the best landlords EVER:)
Leave me a comment with your info, or call, you probably have my number if you still check this lame blog of mine:)

Also we LOVE our neighbors. They have been wonderful! and in case your LDS we love our ward as well. Just tooooo much love for this place, I told Jason I want to move back and live right here again with 10 kids:) He does not agree with me.

Also people can contact me to come see this cute place for themselves, it wont disappoint!

And in case you were wondering, my boys are adorable. And they know it too.


Melissa, Benton, and Cambree said...

I hope you guys find some renters! You sound exactly like me 4 months ago! Wish I was there to help you pack, it's a lot of work and you helped me! Call me with any questions or if you just want to talk, I understand everything you're going through! Love you guys!

Merri said...

I'll take it. :) good luck on the move! so sad you're going though! Lani is thinking about moving to texas too!

Leandra said...

KATTIE! First congrats on the move! I think we are moving to Dallas in December! I don't think that's too close to Houston, but still. Go Texas. Second, if you guys get desperate we'll pay $750. Our contract is up in May and we were actually looking for somewhere that we could live just until December. So if you get desperate and just want to fill the place for a bit, I'm your gal :). And we'd be the best tenants ever! But hopefully you'll just be able to find someone that can pay the $1,000.

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